Hallway furniture is a versatile choice for a high-traffic area, serving many purposes. It serves as storage and display space for items, such as keys, mail, and knick-knacks. Additionally, it can be used as main entryway furniture, such as a coat rack for hanging outwear. This article explores the different types of hallway furniture and their many uses. Read on for some tips and ideas!

First, make sure to measure the space. While it might seem easy to place a bench or a chair in a hallway, it will take up space, especially if people are sitting on it. Make sure to measure the distance from one end of the hallway to the other, and choose the most appropriate size for the space. Ideally, long, thin benches will take up less space than short, wide chairs. If space is a concern, consider wall-mounted options, as these will not take up floor space.

One popular type of hallway furniture is the console table. These long, thin tables are great for storing keys and other objects, as well as adding style to the space. Console tables come in a variety of styles and materials, including stone-top, wood, and rustic pieces, and mid-century throwbacks. You can complement your console table with a decorative mirror to complete the look. They’re also an excellent choice for a hallway, if you have space for one.

Entry benches are great for small spaces, since they can be tucked under an entryway console when not in use. Stools offer the same benefits of traditional seating while being highly functional for a small entryway. Alternatively, if space is at a premium, consider larger seating options, such as chairs or benches. Additionally, you can opt for ottomans, which are useful for storage purposes and serve many other purposes. And as you can see, there’s no shortage of options for small hallways.

When designing a home, remember to consider the style and feel of the entrance hall. You’ll want to consider whether or not your home’s entrance is welcoming and comfortable for visitors. You should think about the theme of the rest of your home when picking hallway furniture. Consider adding a front porch as well to give it a coordinated feel. Think big, and consider using a new trend or two. You’ll be glad you did.

A multi-drawer chest can serve as a useful storage option for small spaces. It can be placed underneath a large painting or an art piece to create a functional drop-spot. A sideboard, meanwhile, can serve the same function. If you have an extra space, a sideboard may work better. It can also be used as a console table. It can be a great accent table. The combination of storage and decoration is sure to make a stylish statement.