When furnishing your home, chest of drawers ranks among the essential buys. They are not only functional and beautiful accessories, but they are handy pieces of furniture. Even better, you can fold in your sweaters and other clothing accessories that do not need to be on hangers. In this regard,furniture drawers offer a clutter-free interior design. They complement the arrangement of your room décor. Given their importance, let’s analyze what to look at when choosing the right one for you

The Space Within Your Room

Nothing is as disappointing as buying a modern chest of drawers only to find that it does not fit into your room. Even worse, some furniture retailers may not accept chests once sold. This is why it is very important to take stock of your room’s space before you buy chest of drawers. Most chests are between 96-116 cm in width. But, if you have a ample space, go for a 47.24 inches or 120 cm chest of drawers. But, the smaller your room, the more compact your chest should be. Take time to measure the space within your home so that the perfect chest can fit. Keep in mind you still need enough space to walk around your room

The Number of Drawers You Need

Drawers are the functional component of every chest. In them, you can store your accessories and belongings. In this sense, your storage needs determine the number of dressing drawers for your chest. Shallow chests with two drawers are not appropriate for storing clothing like sweaters. You need chests with more drawers. like the tall slim chests with four drawers. If you are storing children’s clothes, buy chest of drawers with three or four drawers https://tylko.com/shelves/chest-of-drawers/. Aside from taking less space, they are wide and can fit bigger accessories like blankets. The number of drawers with shelves you need determines the chest you will choose.

Your Natural Style

Always go for the style of chest of drawers with shelves that complements the entire home. The custom drawers have to be in harmony with the color, style, and appearance of your furniture. Take a look at your home and try to match the chest. There are different materials suitable for your style. There is the solid wood-made chest of drawers that offer that vintage look and are long-lasting. If you want the chest to reflect what is in your room, go for mirrored drawers. Add the gloss to your room by choosing chests that fit into your natural style.